Our Climate Concern Commitment

Self-Imposed Carbon Tax

At Keith Corcoran’s – Ireland Guided Travel, we believe that international travel is a powerful way to better connect and contribute to the world we live in. But every international flight emits damaging carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the global climate crisis.

So what can we do?
Staying home isn’t the long term answer. We believe that every responsible tour operator (big and small) has a role to play in making a positive difference, and we aim to lead by example here in Ireland and support Rick Steves in his Climate Smart Initiative.

Our Pledge

Every year, (resuming in 2022) we pledge to invest €50 per guest – per Ireland tour, back into environmental projects that help reduce carbon emissions. This will include supporting the Native Woodland Trust and a new Woodland Awareness Project involving our local community in Ireland.

See: https://irelandstorytravel.com/nature-awareness-vision/ for further details

*Please note, we are not changing our tour prices to cover it — we’re taking it out of our own profits.

Climate Aware Travel

Although we are a family run tour company, we are committed to paying our fair share of the environmental cost that our travellers incur, so you and your family enjoy the peace of mind that you are travelling climate-smart. For comments or questions, please contact me at keith@irelandguidedtravel.com

Native Woodland Trust