Why Ireland as a Travel Destination

There is only one way to truly experience Ireland and that is to go there.

Nothing can prepare you for the sweetness of the air, the warmth of its people, the beauty of the landscapes and the wealth of historical monuments to discover. Ireland is a nation where characters, storytellers, musicians and artists are still held in esteem. Where friendly conversation can be found in a traditional pub while enjoying a glass of Guinness by a brightly blazing fire.

The magic of old Ireland is still to be found on a guided adventure along roads less travelled; where ancient, unspoilt places can recharge both body and spirit. For many Ireland feels like a homecoming and a chance to reconnect with family roots.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Stunning Atlantic coastal drives, towering sea-cliffs, wild moorland hills, emerald green fields and enchanted glens are sure to invigorate your senses.

    Ireland’s Culture

    There’s no better way to experience Ireland’s rich culture of music, singing, storytelling and dancing than in a traditional pub or concert setting.

      Historical Heritage

      Atmospheric castles, historic mansions, windswept lighthouses and ivy-clad abbeys are just some of Ireland’s ancient monuments waiting to be explored.

        Food and Drink

        Ireland has developed a superb reputation in recent decades for the high standards of its chefs and dining experiences for guests.