Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what hotel and guesthouses I wish to stay at each night of our trip?

Absolutely. We operate a policy of not seeking any commission rates on any category of accommodation we book guests in with. We will offer our top recommendations, but you ultimately decide where you want to stay.

What would you recommend as the best way to get from Dublin Airport to your city centre hotel, when we land?

If you have booked me for the arrival day of your tour, I will be waiting to meet and greet you in the airport Arrivals Hall. If you have decided to do a few days sightseeing by yourself in Dublin City, I can arrange a private taxi to take you to your hotel, and provide you with my Dublin self-guide brochures.

Do most restaurants provide vegetarian options?

Yes, Ireland’s restaurant culture has developed a world-class reputation in the past few decades, so rest assured that all your dietary requirements will be met. Almost all restaurant menus have vegetarian options on their menu.

What kind of food can we expect to eat while in Ireland?

As Ireland now has a modern food culture, all tastes are catered for, including a wide variety of ethnic food dining experiences from around the world.

What is a typical traditional Irish meal?

Irish stew with mashed potatoes is a savoury Irish dish. Irish mashed potatoes, bacon and cabbage is another traditional Irish meal. Fresh Atlantic caught fish dishes are also popular with Irish people, as is fish & chips.

Will we be able to access cash through banks while in Ireland?

Ireland has a modern, international banking system, and most big towns and cities have ATM machines to withdraw money while vacationing in Ireland. Just remember to check with your personal bank that your card can be used while in Ireland.

What kind of clothes should we pack for our Ireland vacation?

The average summer temperature in Ireland is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The smartest way to pack for your Ireland vacation is to take light layers of extra clothing, such as light sweaters and a water-proof jacket and shoes.

Is there a culture of tipping service staff in Ireland?

It is customary to tip between 10% and 15% for waiting staff at a sit down restaurant or café, depending on how good your dining experience was. A minority of restaurants and hotels include a service charge in your bill, so it’s always good to check this before tipping. Unlike North America, it is not customary in Ireland to tip full-time workers such as bar staff working in a pub, hairdressers, barbers, taxi drivers or staff working in a heritage centre or visitor attraction. Saying that, if you enjoy someone’s interaction and are impressed by their level of service, then a discretionary tip will rarely be refused!