Our Climate Concern Commitment

The How and Why of Our Climate Concern Pledge

Tree Planting and Woodland Regeneration

Each year, Keith Corcoran’s Ireland Guided Travel pledges to donate €50 per tour member to woodland regeneration and community-led tree planting initiatives in Ireland. We’re paying a self-imposed carbon tax to account for the carbon footprint of our travellers who fly to and from our Ireland Guided Travel tours each year. And we’re not changing our tour prices to cover it — we’re taking it out of our profits.

Importance of Travel and Tourist Visitors to Ireland

To quote Rick Steves, “to simply stop travelling would be the wrong solution. Travel is not only a great form of recreation, but also an important opportunity to broaden our perspectives and humanize the world by experiencing different cultures.”

Tourism is one of Ireland’s most important economic sectors and in 2019 generated over €6 Billion to the Irish economy. Over 200,000 people are employed in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Republic of Ireland.

For all of these reasons, we stand with Rick Steves’ European tours and are committed to being a fellow climate-smart tour company. It’s our hope that this groundbreaking effort will inspire other travel companies in Ireland to pledge similar commitments, so their travellers can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from travelling ethically.

Keith Corcoran – Founder and Head Guide

Keith Corcoran - Climate Aware